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federer nadal race to number1

Nadal and Federer race to ATP World Number 1

Most of us thought we’d never live to see the day, yet tennis legends Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are about to battle again for the World Number 1. The race begins in Montreal this week, where the 2017 ATP Rogers Cup takes place. This year, the women’s Rogers Cup takes place in Toronto.  Current World number 1, Andy Murray, is injured and so are Stan Wawrinka and Novak Djokovic (numbers 4 and 5 respectively). That means that Nadal and Federer will only actually compete against each other for the top spot. Their battle will be culminating at the US Open later this month. Andy Murray is still in the race, if he overcomes his injury to play in Cincinnati and New York. However, Nadal and Federer seem to be in much better form, making Murray an outsider. Let’s take a look at the specifics for the 2 favorites.

Rafa Nadal most likely World number 1 after Rogers Cup

Rafael Nadal is currently number 2 in the world and he has the better chances to become world number 1 first. In fact, he can achieve this as soon as the end of this week. All he needs to do is perform reasonably well in Montreal. He needs 285 points to get to the top, meaning he has to get to the semifinals. With Murray out of the picture and Federer too many points behind right now (1205), it will be a big surprise if Nadal doesn’t manage to reclaim the top spot again after 3 years. However, with Cincinnati and the US Open coming up immediately after the Rogers Cup, Nadal will certainly be feeling Federer’s breath down his neck in the following weeks.

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Roger Federer can be the year end World number 1 in 2017

World number 3, Roger Federer, currently has 6545 points, 1205 less than number 1, Andy Murray. Federer missed most of last season due to his knee injury, so he has 0 points to defend from now on. Hard courts are definitely a better surface for his game, rather than Nadal’s. So with no more clay court tournaments left this season, Federer will only have to maintain the level of tennis he has showed us so far this year to achieve the unimaginable. Return to the world number 1 for the first time since 2012, at 36 years of age and with all the “Big Four” still active in the game. With Montreal, Cincinnati and the US Open just a few weeks away, the ball is in his court. My guess is not only will he be crowned number 1 very soon, but he will do it with a bang (i.e. winning another Grand Slam this year).


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Featured image: meunierd / Shutterstock.com

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