July 2021
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US Open 2018 daily picks and predictions for the winners in Men's and Women's singles

US Open tennis 2018 daily picks

Now that qualifiers and wild cards have all been determined, the US Open Tennis 2018 is ready to start. With tens of exciting matches on display for the next couple of weeks, it’s hard to pick what to watch! As tennis enthusiasts, we couldn’t resist checking the winning odds and chat about who will win. So, in this column,…

Su-wei Hsieh tennis

Who is Su-wei Hsieh?

Su-wei Hsieh is a 32-year old professional tennis player from Taiwan, who has been making waves in women’s tennis lately. Yesterday, she eliminated world number 1 Simona Halep from the 2018 Wimbledon championships. You can hardly call her success a breakthrough, as Hsieh has been around a fair amount of time. In fact, she is…

The Championships, Wimbledon 2018

The Championships at Wimbledon begin today and I couldn’t resist putting down an overview and some of my own predictions. The tournament will last from July 2 to July 15, 2018, bringing the tennis elite together once more. Even if you’re not a tennis enthusiast, chances are you have followed the particular event at some…

French Open predictions

Predictions for the French Open were generally thought easier in recent years, compared to the rest of the Grand Slams. On the ATP side, Rafael Nadal’s dominance was practically undisputed, so long as he was healthy. As far as the WTA is concerned, the question was whether Serena would lose the tournament, rather than who…