July 2021

About me

Welcome. I’m a tennis amateur: Amateur comes from the Latin amātor which means lover and I love to be called that when it comes to tennis. In fact, I’m starting this blog first and foremost because my love for this wonderful sport, could not be contained within practice hours, tournaments and fitness training. I have a (quite demanding) full time job btw and tennis is my recreational getaway –or at least I thought so before realizing how much this sport has changed my life. But let’s take a step back…

I come from a small European country (start guessing already!) and I only started playing tennis a few years ago, while on an overseas work assignment in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta is not exactly a tennis capital (golf, on the other hand, is hugely popular), but for the few lucky ones who can afford to live in one of the huge condominiums there, tennis courts are among the standard facilities, along with fully equipped gyms and exotic pools. Between working crazy hours and trying to save some time for the incredibly difficult task of socializing, I decided to take up tennis as a means to blow off some steam and try to stay healthy, while dealing with the heavy stress (i.e. smoking 2 packs of Davidoff classic a day). A local friend was kind enough to lend me his racket and an in-house tennis coach, Pak Jamil, showed me how to hold it and swing. That was it –I was hooked from the first 10 minutes. 4 years –and some incredible life stories- later, I’ve returned to my home country and tennis is now a big part of my life.

Which brings me to the second reason for starting tennislove.com. Ever since I started playing I’ve also started watching a lot more tennis. But unlike most tennis enthusiasts I’ve come across, I LOVE women’s tennis. Yup, that’s right. The men’s sport has gotten so single minded, tactically sound and power-oriented these days that it seems out of this world. As if literally no one else, besides the top pros, can ever even come close to that level of play. Women, on the other hand, seem to retain (or be forced to retain) a less physical style of play that makes it so much more interesting to watch. The thing is that very few people seem to take women’s tennis seriously these days and I am one of those few people. But I want us to be more and have better access to information and good commentary. Case in point, this blog will be more about Women’s tennis than anyhing else.

Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to blab more about all that in the future here, if I manage to deal with one of my most dreaded words –commitment  (tennis elbow and sprained ankle are some other such words, just to give you an idea). So, stick around and let’s see what comes out of this for the both of us.

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